Stefan Schnabel (Actor)

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(02-02-1912 - 03-11-1999) Age 87

Stephan Schnabel's family fled the Nazis in 1933. He appeared as Dr Stephen Jackson for 16 years on Guiding Light.

He appeared in the following 3 episodes of Radio Mystery Theater
Date Episode Title Plot
03/26/1974 0063 Death by Whose Hands Set nearly a hundred years back, this story is about a prosthetic surgeon's transplant of the hand of a prodigious musician to his competitor with disastrous repercussions.
05/02/1974 0085 Dracula The classic Bram Stoker tale retold. A young girl is progressively being drained of her life-force and must stake the responsible vampire to save herself.
11/20/1974 0176 Tattooed for Murder In order to escape their father's tyrannical ways, a pair of sisters join a circus as tattooed girls. On the surface, their actions are meant to insult and humiliate their father, but one sibling has grander scheme in mind.

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